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Quality Assurance System

System Registration

Tulsa Heaters, Inc. is a certified ISO 9001:2008 company, with registration through AQSR International.



Since incorporation, Tulsa Heaters, Inc. has strived to provide the highest degree of quality in the engineering and fabrication of all of our projects. THI's Manager of Engineering is responsible charge for our QA policy and execution.
THI's Quality Assurance Policy demands that we:

  • Maintain and continually upgrade methods used to provide products which meet or exceed the client's needs,
  • Maintain continual contact with the client, reinforcing confidence in our ability to provide quality service during all phases of the project (i.e. engineering, procurement, fabrication, and shipment),
  • Maintain a reporting system within the company to provide confidence to Tulsa Heaters management that the intended quality is achieved,
  • Maintain a System to verify that our sub-vendors provide a product or service that meets or exceeds our clients' technical specifications or service and the quality level required.


Our fabricators and other sub-vendors are constantly monitored to ensure that they remain in compliance with our Quality Assurance manual. Our fabricators also have their own dedicated Quality Assurance standards. Additionally, THI utilizes the services of Capital X-ray Services for NDE. ASNT Level II and Level III Technicians perform positive material identification, magnetic particle, thickness verification, and ultrasonic testing. Capital X-ray Services also provides with two ASNT Level III consultants certified in all of the non-destructive examinations listed above. When destructive testing is required, THI utilizes the capabilities of Sherry Laboratories (formerly Metlab).

Our Engineering Manager has over twelve years of experience as a Quality Assurance Manager or a Quality Control Inspector. Our Procurement and Production Managers also have over ten years of experience as Quality Control Inspectors.

Supplementing our own full-time staff inspectors, THI contracts with CK Inspection (CKI) to provide additional inspectors as project needs arise. We have maintained this alliance with CKI since 1985, ensuring we always have an inspector dedicated to each project. All THI and CKI inspectors are certified to ASNT Level II and on multiple areas of NDE. They work closely with the customer's inspector and/or third party inspectors to ensure all quality requirements are met.

In summary, our QA/QC experience greatly enhances THI's ability to effectively and consistently meet and exceed our clients' quality standards.