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Technical Services

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Technical Services

The Technical Services Group is dedicated to heater evaluations and improvements. With the experience and capabilities to transform and enhance all general fired heater designs, THI can retrofit every brand of fired heater. Globally we have executed over 1200 major project retrofits. Completed more than 700 engineering studies, and replaced thousands of spare parts.

Why Retrofit

Operating a heater beyond its original design conditions can be detrimental to the long term life of the heater. Materials may prematurely fail, emissions can increase, and overall efficiency can drop. By retrofitting the heater, additional throughput can be achieved without these harmful side effects. With our experience in both process and mechanical design, THI can provide solutions to meet your technical and financial needs.

Material Replacement

  • Heater Coils
  • Tube Supports / Castings
  • Burners or Burner Parts
  • Instrumentation and Control Parts
  • Air Preheat/ SCR Systems / Fans / CO Catalyst
  • Refractory and Insulation
  • Complete Heater Modules (i.e. Stack, Convection, Radiant, Ductwork, etc.)

Design Retrofit

  • Burner modifications to increase firing
  • Additional heat transfer surface area for additional capacity or efficiency
  • Additional processes to increase efficiency
  • Increase stack height for additional draft
  • Added instrumentation for improved furnace control
  • Incorporate new APH for higher efficiency
  • Addition of SCR and CO catalyst for emissions reduction
  • Pressure part upgrades for changes in crude stock

Engineering Studies

  • Provide solutions for reduced NOx and CO
  • Evaluate heaters at new operating conditions
  • Recommend scope for revamp or retrofit
  • Pre-turnaround visual inspection and consulting
  • Update API heater data sheets
  • Determine limiting conditions (Firing rate, process throughput, tube metal temperature, stack draft, etc.)

Emergency Replacements

We understand the impact each additional hour of lost production has on our customers. Whether rapid replacement is required during turnaround or after an operating incident, THI can be your dedicated partner to get you back on-line in the shortest time. We will expedite the purchase, fabrication, and delivery of any furnace component. Pressure parts, tube supports, and other components have been onsite within days. We deliver these results based on our healthy vendor relationships, experienced project teams, and our strategically stocked materials.