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Tulsa Heaters, Inc.

THI has methodically built a comprehensive design software library that maximizes efficiency and minimizes both labor costs and design errors.

Major Process Design Programs:

Heat Transfer - Flue Gas Based
  • Vertical Coil Evaluation
  • Horizontal Coil Evaluation
  • All-Radiant Coil Evaluation
  • Wicket Coil Evaluation
  • Double Fired Coil Evaluation
  • Convection Coil Evaluation
  • Adiabatic Flame Modeling
Coil Design - Process Fluid Based
  • Flue Gas Δ P/Stack Draft
  • Thermal Cracking/Coking Modeling
  • Pseudo-Component Modeling
  • Process Coil hio
  • Process Δ P
  • API Standard 530 Evaluation
  • ASME Section I Evaluation
  • ASME B31.3 Evaluation

Major Mechanical Design Programs:

  • RISA 2D Structure Design and Analysis
  • RISA 3D Structure Design and Analysis
  • CODECALC Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger Design and Analysis
  • Triflex Piping Stress Analysis
  • Stack Design / Wind Loading Evaluation (ASCE/UBC)
  • Terminal Loading Evaluation
  • Tube Support Evaluation
  • Stack Bolting Evaluation
  • Radiant Shell Evaluation (V.C. Heater)
  • Heater Baseplate / Foundation Loading Evaluation
  • Lifting Lug Design
  • Anchor Bolt Design
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