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Tulsa Heaters, Inc.

Sometimes it is more economical to repair, expand, or otherwise upgrade an existing fired heater instead of replacing it with an entire new unit. Tulsa Heaters, Inc. has experience with performance evaluation and retrofit projects on hundreds of heaters from all major designer/manufacturers. THI's Technical Services Group can provide:

  • Engineering Studies
  • Revamp Recommendations and Cost Analysis
  • Heater Troubleshooting
  • Debottlenecking
  • Emergency Heater Replacement
Whether you need increased capacity, improved emissions control, or just to recover some lost efficiency, THI will give you a top-notch engineering package, component fabrication and field installation of the retrofit. Solutions that work are standard procedure for Tulsa Heaters, Inc.

For Spare or Replacement Parts on any fired heater, see the Spare Parts section of THI's website.

Services with the Latest Technology

One of the most valuable activities by THIís Technical Services department is Engineering Studies. Typically, the objectives of these on-line operation reviews may be:

  • To provide solutions for reduced NOx emissions
  • To determine the feasibility of new operating conditions (e.g., increased throughput, higher efficiency, etc.)
  • To determine scope of work required for a proposed retrofit to meet new operation requirements (such as a change in service, convection replacement, etc.)
  • To provide pre-turnaround inspections and maintenance recommendations for subsequent turnarounds

Tulsa Heaters, Inc. is committed to customer service with a department dedicated exclusively to existing heater evaluations and enhancements: Technical Services. This department has the experience and expertise to troubleshoot or debottleneck your heater's operation, provide specific recommendations and execute the retrofit. With ever-increasing customer expectations for better efficiency, capacity and emissions control. THI's Technical Services has met the challenge with hundreds of succesful heater modification projects, becoming the industry leader in heater evaluation and performance enhancement.

Individual heater to plant-wide studies by Technical Services can produce these kinds of tools to owners:

  • Heater-specific process models
  • Updated API Heater Data Sheets and manuals
  • Determination of heater limiting conditions (firing rate, process throughput, tube metal temperature, stack draft, etc.)

Tulsa Heaters, Inc. has the capability and flexibility to provide replacement products in emergency situations on very short timelines. THI can quickly establish a multi-discipline vertically-integrated project team that serves the needs of both the client and the fabrication shops. This approach has consistently yielded significant cost and time savings for our clients. Because of the focus and commitment that emergency replacement projects receive from our people, THI's project teams have...

  • Consistently delivered on or ahead of schedule
  • Consistently met the buyer's specifications
  • Consistently delivered at or below cost targets
If you need "Two-Minute Drill" performance, place your trust in THI, the heater firm with the proven track record.

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